The Streets

Chemnitz is a city in east Germany – and it became a headline for a general movement in late summer 2018.

When 70.000 people gathered together for a protest concert under the slogan and hashtag #wirsindmehr on September 03 and bands like K.I.Z, Kraftklub, Die Toten Hosen, Trettmann, Casper und Materia performed on a improvised stage, a belief started to grow. The belief that the east of Germany won´t be left to the extreme political right without resistance. It was expressed in many other big demonstrations: 250.000 people all over Germany demonstrated under the slogan #seebruecke, another 250.000 people met only in Berlin for the huge #unteilbar movement later in September and October 2018.

It is worth to have a close look at the people coming to these events. Just to discuss if the protest was able to exit the echo chamber. Did it? I decided to keep an eye on this.