The 2015 Refugee Crisis

With the unstoppable presence of hate and violence in our timelines, with truth being blurred, with a public mislead our certainties have come to an end. In small steps we – the creatives  – have to help to rebuild values. This is hard work. 

Our parents generation had the big war close enough to their biographys – our children will need new categories to know what´s right or wrong.

I went to Lesbos and  Idomeni, Greece and while roaming through that bizarre situation of lost and hopeless refugees in thousands of tents a Kurdish family invited me to sit down and have dinner. After a delicious meal it was clear what I can tell my own children back home. Something small, something strong, something GENUINE. A fence has so many meanings. The GDR Government always said the wall would protect its citizens. The fence in Idomeni was built to protect Europe but it only destroyed our values.